I Actually DID IT! I Started a SCHOOL!

On last Wednesday night by FB Live, I actually DID IT! I started TID (True Identity) Academy, an Online School of Identity. Little did I know when I 'relaunched' my TID Coaching Business earlier this year on March 17th that a few months later what is known as the TID 12-Week Coaching Program would turn into the TID Academy, an Online School of Identity. The TID Academy's Mission is to Equip & EMPOWER others all around the Globe with their True Identity so that they can fulfill their Purpose, reach their Destiny and live their God-Inspired, God-Sized DREAMS!

"Now to Him Who, by the action of His power that is at work within us, is able to carry out His purposes and do superabundantly, far over and above all that we dare ask or think infinitely beyond our HIGHEST prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes or DREAMS!" (Ephesians 3:20 Amp)

Those who know me, know that I have a PASSION for books and reading. I also consider myself a 'forever student,' I LOVE learning. As a matter of fact, in just a few weeks, I will return to college to begin working on my second 4-year degree in Psychology with a Minor in Religion. My first 4-year degree is in Business Administration. God has also graced and gifted me with the ability to TEACH His Word. I have a STRONG passion for reading, studying and teaching the Word of God and is pretty good at it. God has graced and anointed me to teach His Word. I've had a desire for MANY years to travel the world teaching/preaching the Word of God. This desire also included a 'secret' desire to teach as a Biblical Instructor in a Bible School in the specific areas of Identity, Purpose, Destiny, Sonship & Abba Father's Love. Throughout this year, there was a growing 'inward voice' that kept saying, "One day I will have a full-fledged Global School on Identity!" The desire got stronger and stronger and the inward voice got louder and louder. The 12-Week TID Coaching Program was such a HUGE success this year and life-changing to my clients who took that 12-Week journey with me. It was so successful that I knew, with everything in me, that NOW was the time to launch out BY FAITH, add online courses to the existing 12-Week TID Coaching Program and expand it into the TID Online Academy! I did exactly that a week ago! God gave me this saying years ago, which has now become one of my 'signature sayings,' "You Can Have Your DREAM and LIVE it TOO!"

"Don't downgrade your DREAM just to fit your REALITY. Upgrade your conviction (belief) to match your DESTINY!" (Stuart Scott)

As you approach 2019, know this, YOU CAN HAVE YOUR DREAM AND LIVE IT TOO!! All things are possible to them that BELIEVE! If I can start a school, you can LIVE your dream too!

Have your Dream and LIVE it TOO,

Coach Catherine

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