The Empowered Woman!

"Not by your human force or strength, but by MY SPIRIT, saith the LORD of hosts. Nothing, not even a great mountain, will be able to stand in your way!" (Zechariah 4:6-7)

The empowered woman is one who receives her power and strength from God through the Holy Spirit, He is the SOURCE of her strength and enablement. He is the One who causes her to triumph! Don't get it twisted, 'human' effort will always be NON-SUFFICIENT, not enough, in accomplishing the amazing things God has predestined for us to do here in the earth. The empowered woman knows that, she knows where her help comes from, all of her help comes from the LORD.

Zechariah 4:7 states that NOTHING, not even a great mountain (obstacle), will be able to stand in the way of one who has been empowered by God's Spirit. Just WOW! That gives me GREAT confidence as a woman of God; knowing that absolutely NOTHING can stand in my way with God on my side. Regardless to what 'obstacle/mountain' may come to oppose me, I can speak to it, through the power of God, and tell it to GET OUT OF MY WAY!

EMPOWER means (1) to give someone the POWER or AUTHORITY to BE or DO something, (2) to enable or permit, (3) to make someone STRONGER and MORE CONFIDENT in 'controlling' their life and 'claiming' their RIGHTS and (4) to emancipate, unshackle, SET FREE & LIBERATE!

OH GLORY TO GOD!!! An empowered woman is a free, healed, delivered, victorious, prosperous, fearless & confident woman. She doesn't need anyone's permission to be who God has created her to be or do what He's called her to do. Permission has already been granted to her by God, the one who EMPOWERED her. SHE'S LIVING HER BEST LIFE because of the power of God! She is a woman who knows her true identity, purpose and destiny in life and is pursuing and living her God-inspired, God-sized DREAMS! She is a woman who is LOOSED/DIVORCED from her 'disabilities!' She is 'divorced/loosed' from fear, insecurities, the lies of the devil, her past, toxic relationships, rejection, low self-esteem and a negative self-image. She is TRULY a FORCE to be reckoned with!

Empowered Women of God, any SUCCESS we experience in this New Year will be because of God's Spirit, our SECRET WEAPON and advantage in life! Walk, unapologetically, in that POWER!

Your Global Coach,

Coach Catherine

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