Get Out of Your FEELINGS and Into FAITH!

I had it all planned out this morning before I started my 45-minute walk outside the Family YMCA! I said to myself, "As I'm walking, I'm going to have a very honest conversation with God about how I'm feeling about some things....I'm just going to let Him 'HAVE IT' (in the most respectful way that is)! It's gonna be just me and Him in these 'great outdoors' where I can let it ALL out!" And BOY, was I ready to let it all out!

I left the building and stepped into the parking lot gearing up for my walk. LISTEN....before I could even get OUT of the parking lot to begin my walk & talk with God about some things, He said to me very CLEARLY, "Get Out of Your FEELINGS and Into FAITH!" OKAYYYYY....let me look around and see who He's talking to. I knew exactly WHO He was talking to, He was talking to ME. I was getting ready to approach Abba, my Father,

ALL in my FEELINGS. He in so many words said to me, 'Don't approach Me in your FEELINGS, approach Me with FAITH. WHAT does My Word say about the situation that's got you ALL in your feelings?'

2 Corinthians 5:7 states "for we walk by faith, not by sight!" The NLT reads it even better, 'for we live by BELIEVING and not by SEEING!' I Love it (the Word of God), we are to live by believing and not by seeing! YES LORD, thank you for the reminder! I had allowed my feelings to take over and take me out of my faith and trust in God about some things I'm facing.

One of my most favorites verses of scripture is Acts 17:28, it states that in God we live, move and have our being; for we are His OFFSPRING. I love, love, love this scripture (it's one of my True Identity verses) because it conveys to me that IN God I live, move and have my very existence. In other words, it conveys to me that I BELONG to God and He's 'GOT ME' covered in EVERY area of my life.

Let me just say this, "I LOVE GOD, MY ABBA FATHER!" I set out with plans to 'pout and fuss' this morning but He met me where I was with a gentle & loving rebuke; a WORD that literally put a 'pep' in my step. Before I knew it, I was walking, decreeing, declaring, praising and just thanking God for not leaving me in that 'funk' to wallow in my feelings! Those who know me, know that I went in to with those decrees, declarations, praise & thanksgiving as I walked! Oh YES I did, Lol. That word of rebuke moved me BACK into the faith of God! It moved me back into relying and looking to Him for my every MOVE and provision. Again, I LOVE ME SOME HIM!!

Let me encourage those of you who are reading this right now the same way that God encouraged me this morning, 'get out of your feelings and into the faith God!' Don't allow what you're facing right now to back you down from believing what God has promised you and showed you. He is FAITHFUL that promised and is ABLE to perform His 'good word' towards you and your situation. As my Husband-Pastor told our congregation in Corporate Prayer this week, "CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TRUST GOD!" Take your eyes off of that THING and gaze upon, put your eyes on, God and His promises to you. Walk by FAITH and not your feelings concerning IT and watch God turn that thing for your GOOD! Now 'WALK IT OUT' (your faith that is) like I did!

Your Global Coach & Voice of Inspiration,

Coach Catherine

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